Tips for Finding the Right Mattress For Your Child

Children's Mattresses It’s pretty easy to shop for a mattress for yourself. You walk into a furniture store, look at what they have, test out a few of the options, and then pick the one you like best. The process is often more difficult when it comes to shopping for a mattress for children, though, because often times, kids don’t know what they like or what will work best for them. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you find the right mattress for your child.

Start by selecting the right size.

When shopping for mattresses, many parents opt for the one that will fit their children right now. And while that’s not a bad thought, you should be looking ahead. That doesn’t mean your small child needs a queen size mattress simply because they will grow into it one day. Nevertheless, it does mean that you might want to opt for a full size mattress over a twin size one if your child has space for it in their bedroom. It will last them longer, and it will give you the chance to lay down with your child when you want to.

Consider all of the different styles.

Traditional mattresses with innersprings are the ones that parents tend to buy most often. However, there are plenty of other styles available to you, and many of them will prove to be more comfortable than the traditional options. You can find mattresses that have memory foam, air, and more in them. Take a look around and see which style suits your child’s sleeping habits best as well as which one will keep them comfortable for a long time.

Ask your child which mattress feels most comfortable.

It can be tricky trying to get your child to nail down which mattress feels most comfortable to them. Kids have a tendency to go with the look of something over how it feels. However, have your child lay on a few options and tell you what they like and don’t like about each. This should help you narrow it down and pick the most comfortable mattress for them. The only time when you should 100 percent make the decision on the firmness of a mattress is when you have an infant. In that case, you want to go with a firm mattress to reduce the risks associated with SIDS.

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